NETMINO Values your Learning and Skills

Who knows more about yourself than you? Use your personal account in NETMINO to track and save all your skills, learnings and readings.

Because NETMINO is employee-centric, everything you value can stay private, be published and/or be shared with your friends, colleagues, team leader and Talent/HR manager. You have full control of your profile and on content you share.

If you move to a new company, create a link and share your profile with your new colleagues and managers.

One Central Place, a Unique Platform

A Personal Organizer

Use NETMINO as a stand alone app to help you manage, list and share your education, learning, skills and talents. You have full control of your profile because you are in charge of your career.

A Great Marketplace

Professional organizers (learning courses, conferences, webinars, MOOC... and book publishers) will use NETMINO as a marketplace to publish their new sessions, annual programs, new books. Users subscribe to be directly and timely informed.


Useful Lists

Anyone including Team leaders and Talent/HR managers can create and publish lists of their preferred training courses, conferences, books. As a user, you can subscribe to them.

Social learning must be part of (y)our every day life. By using NETMINO, level up knowledge inside your company!

Share your Profile

Not only you can learn topics by yourself but with NETMINO, you can subscribe to specific training programs (on boarding, new project, new certificate/skill...) create by your team leader, your Talent/HR manager or from the executive team.

Doing so, with NETMINO, it's really easy to align and monitor knowledge and skills inside a team.


Be the First to Use NETMINO...

NETMINO is currently in private beta but if you (or your team) wants to be amongst the first users, send us a mail.