NETMINO is a new and unique tool in the transforming HR, L&D and Talent Management world. Please find answers to frequent questions:


A Lifelong Learning Platform that Value Skills & Talents.

  1. Add and Manage ALL your Learning and Experiences to Value your Profile
  2. Select Content, Conferences, Webinars... Based on your Interests
  3. Define and Monitor Personal Goals
  4. Follow Lists of Conferences, Books, Training Courses (and more) Shared by your Colleagues, Team Leader...
  5. Value your Profile within your Team but also during Job Searches and Performance Appraisals.

What are the Benefits?

As an employee-centric app, NETMINO helps you manage and update your skills and talents in your personal account. By doing so, your inner circle of people will have optional or direct access to your profile. Inside NETMINO, linking your profile is a straightforward and easy process with new colleagues.

Professional organizations help learners to track, choose and subscribe directly to their programs (training courses, conferences, webinars, MOOC,...).

Team leaders and/or Talent/HR managers publish (private/public) lists of training courses, conferences, readings... for their employees and/or team members.

For all users, NETMINO is a central place to value internal talents and skills.

LMS or Not?

Not. NETMINO is a personal tool for employees, for lifelong learners.

Yes. NETMINO is also a learning platform. It helps its users to publish, plan and track upcoming courses, conferences, webinars, business books. Subscribing and attending sessions (offline or online) can be automatically stored in the user's personal dashboard.

ONE place, ONE platform for lifelong learners.

What means "Lifelong Learning"?

Lifelong learning is the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

Source: Wikipedia