Ask to anyone "Do you know when you attend your last seminar?". In fact, no one can answer it precisely.

Attending learning courses, certifications and conferences are big investments from companies to the advantage of their teams and their skilful employees.

Today, modern entreprises want to increase formal and informal knowledge including internal "who's who". This is the purpose of NETMINO:  not only "know thyself better" but also "share talents and value skills to empower teams".


NOW, You are in Charge !

Everyone should be in charge of his career planning!

With NETMINO, track, save, share and publish your key learning, skills and readings.

Companies are looking for great talents.  Who can be the best ambassador of his profile, skills and talents?... YOU !

NETMINO is YOUR "personal organizer", your container, your window, your private account... to anyone looking for your peculiarities, your most subtle talents and your strong experiences.


"Sharing Learning is an Attitude"


We need Ambassadors, Supporters...

NETMINO will need feedback, refinements, new features, constructive critics... we are open to register your name and email to contact you when the app will be open to a close circle of users. Really !