Be in Control of your Career

Today, everyone should be in control of his education and all his learning to value his career.

Are you sure you can remember the date and the purpose of your last training course or seminar? Probably not !

NETMINO is a new app to help you manage your past education but also all your present and upcoming learning.

Keep track of your learning, your readings and certificates to be prepared to value any job interview, performance appraisals but also to (re)orient your career with purpose.

NETMINO gives you access to a large number of training courses, seminars, conferences, webinars, books, MOOC... published by professional organizers. Subscription, renewals, warnings, notifications... are also centralized for being better organized.

Choose your learning based on your interests, from preferred professional organizations but also via lists created by your HR manager, team leader and colleagues.

Tracking your learning means valuing yourself! With NETMINO, you and your peers will know more about yourself and your skills.

If lifelong learning is key in today market competition, NETMINO will stand to be your best memory to manage your career.

Stay tuned... we are working for your future


We are in Private Beta...

... because of nice feedback and comments from lifelong learners, we are currently improving and adding new features to the learner tool.

Please note, if you are a professional organization or a Talent/HR manager, do not hesitated to contact us... we are looking for motivated organizations, companies or departments ready to test and evaluate NETMINO.